Aprilia RSV4 Motorbike Review

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Aprilia RSV4 Review

Since its initial release in 2009, the Aprilia Shiver RSV4 has provided a sporty, high-performance ride. Powered by a V-4 engine, the 2016 Aprilia RSV4 produces an impressive 201 horsepower. In summary, it’s an incredibly powerful bike that offers rapid yet smooth acceleration. Aprilia Shiver RSV4 Review is mentioned in detail below

aprilia Shiver RSVR

The 2016 Aprilia Shiver RSV4 promises a smoother ride than previous year’s models, thanks to a new shock absorption system. The engine also sits very low to the ground on this model, giving the bike a low center of gravity that improves stability.

As every biker knows, wheelies slow you down. Extremely powerful bikes are prone to losing front contact with the road when the rider drives the engine hard, which is why Aprilia has installed wheelie control software and lengthened the wheelbase of the 2016 model of the RSV4 to keep its wheels on the ground.

No Aprilia RSV4 review can end without paying homage to the incredible performance of this bike on the racetrack. The Aprilia Shiver RSV4 has carried riders to World Superbike glory three times so far. With the 2016 model offering so much raw power, motorcycle fans can expect to see the RSV4 earning more titles in the future.

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