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Aprilia has finally introduced one of the top bikes. The Aprilia RSV4 RF is so easy to ride fast because of its lighter, accurate handling and its V4 power is of top standards. This bike will certainly be a superstar among other bikes.It has one of the powerful engines that makes it run at high speeds and also with high accuracy.This bike does so well in the race track.The performance of this bike is totally great. Aprilia RSV4 RF review is written in detail below


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Aprilia RSV4 RF is build to be fast and handles racer like agility.Regarding cost, it is reasonably priced for a machine of such pace and refinement. This bike is also introduced with a telemetry system that links the bike to a smartphone.This allows data recording and fine tuning of traction and wheelie control for individual racetrack corners.It’s fun to use albeit of limited benefit for most riders.Hence, it has more sophisticated electronics package. A new air box variable length intake funnels and a revised exhaust help the engine breath.The traction control is noticeably restricting power as not to allow even a hint of rear wheel spin or slide.During wheelie power is abruptly cut slamming the front end to the ground the second it gets airborne in mode one as well.

bike technical specs


The engine of the bike is DOHC 65-degree V-4, four valves cylinder. Claimed maximum power is 201 hp at 13000 rpm with total engine capacity 999.6 ccs.Claimed maximum torque is 85 lb-ft at 10500 rpm.The starter is electric.Flywheel-mounted 450 W alternator with rare earth magnets.Chassis-Aluminium .Wheels-Aluminium alloy rims with three split spokes.Tires are radial.Max length-80.3 INMax width 29 IN(735 mm)Max height-44 INSeat height-33 IN tank 4.9 gal.Dry weight 397 lb


Aprilia RSV4 RF is certainly an Italian beauty.It has been an astonishing bike launched by Aprilia and is very brutal on the racetrack. Aprilia is more focused on quality than quantity.It is introducing bikes that fulfill the needs of the customer.The chassis, suspension, quick shifter and brakes all work extremely well.You need to test it on the racetrack rather than on streets of the town where it won’t be able to show the power.In track, it definitely will make you mad by unleashing its power. I am sure this bike is going to make people crazy for a ride.This is worth buying and would not disappoint.

This is one of the must have a bike in your garage. You would certainly want to ride it every day.The bike specially designed for people who either wants a bike that is very fast or for racers.The company has put more efforts on making this bike powerful by developing a powerful engine that gives it a high amount of strength to travel very fast. Hence, the beauty of this bike lies in its strength and agility.It is also equipped with the latest technology that makes it smarter and is also helpful for people as it becomes easier for a person to have more control over his bike and without much trouble.

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