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The Aprilia Shiver 750 ABS is an extremely competitive motorcycle. It occupies a top position in the medium powered naked class. This bike took the world by storm with its truly unique style and technological content that stands out for its solid personality, ergonomics, and riding pleasure. Shiver 750 ABS astonished the motorcycle world with its remarkable features when it was first introduced on the market in 2007, and it still does now. It made history as the first motorcycle to be equipped with Ride by Wire electronic throttle. These amazing features being introduced in such an exquisite piece of technology represented a genuine revolution and an actual historic transition.

aprilia Shiver 750 ABS

Shiver 750 ABS Design

Just like it has been with every Aprilia product, Shiver 750 ABS is extremely attractive with its highly innovative design. It is where form and function converge to create an object that is super close to perfection. Every bit of the design is focused to being in perfect harmony with the motorbike’s advanced technology. Its frame and engine are evidently the fulcrum around which the characterising elements of aesthetics and the entire project, are developed. In other words, besides being lovely to look at, Shiver 750’s each detail has its specific function.

It is a refined design that is clean-cut at the same time. The exhaust too is a very distinctive design element that you will get in love with. The company succeeded in creating a motorcycle that boats both an elegant design and robust performance. When you swing a leg over the saddle, you find a sporty riding position and a posture that allows you to control the bike with utmost ease, and your riding is enhanced to the maximum hence a joyful ride.

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motorcycle engine


The V90 engine represents technology in its pure state. The engine inherits all the Aprilia’s previous experience in high-performance mechanics. This is a true masterpiece of mechanical engineering that is capable of high performance and complete reliability. Due to its technical characteristics, the V90 engine combines high specific power with easy riding and maximum usability. The V90 engine genuinely epitomizes Aprilia’s extensive experience in high-performance mechanics.



The engine’s peculiar technical features allow the twin-cylinder to manage to combine fully exploitable and exceptionally great output level and user-friendly riding options. The Shiver naturally implements the integral multimap Ride by Wire technology, which has been advanced even further. This technical solution represents a hi-tech version of engine control system. Other innovative technical features of the engine include;

-High ratio of over-square bore and stroke

-Four valves per cylinder

-Double overhead camshaft- with mixed chain and gear drive

-Electronic fuel injection- with two throttle bodies

-Plug cups- with integrated stick-coils

-Hydraulically operated clutch

-Three-way catalytic converter and a Lambda probe oxygen sensor


Aprilia designers are obsessed with the optimum definition of suspension. This is an area that they do not want to mess with, hence, the perfection they put into it. The 43mm upside-down fork has forged feet to support the radial calipers, and provide benchmark smoothness. This is the kind of machine that you’d be lucky to own. It is perfectly designed to give you the joy and pleasure you’d expect to receive from a motorcycle of this generation.

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