Best 8 Motorbike accessories for riders

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Aprilia RSV4 is one of the best motorcycles available in the market today. It is a pure delight to ride this marvel of engineering which can produce more than 200 bhp of power at the twist of the wrist. The 1000cc heart of this beauty brings a ton of adventure and with a few motorbike accessories the thrill would be much better and safer as well. Below are some of the top Motorbike accessories.

skully helmet

Skully AR-1 Helmet Motorbike accessories 

This helmet takes riding to another level with its built-in 180-degree blind spot camera. This camera allows the rider to see what is happening at the back of their head on the lower part of the helmet screen. The full 180-degree viewing angle is useful and only a small part of the view is covered by the pillion rider. The heads up display is quite large and it immediately lets you know the speed of the bike in miles per hour. The helmet also features a built-in GPS for the rider. Priced at $1500, this stylish and secure helmet is available in 5 different sizes and two classy colors. It can be pre-booked at the company’s website, and the delivery will be made in summer 2016.





motorbike shoes

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Biking Shoes:

While a helmet is necessary for safety, it alone isn’t enough. Riding Aprilia RSV4 at speeds of 250 Kmph will send bits of stones flying towards the feet from the hard road. The AlpineStars S MX-R boots are one of the best and most favored racing boots on the market owing to their great features. They have a great length which secures the ankle while providing protection to the foot against extreme temperatures or any flying objects. These shoes provide a hard casing for the toes which allows easy gear shifting while the motion of the foot is not restricted at all. Priced at $260, these shoes are available online at different websites.






Motorbike accessories

Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves:

In case of an accident the first reflex of a person is to use their hands. Knox’s Handroid gloves come with unique exoskeleton protection mechanism which secures the rider’s hand and also allows them to move their hand freely. These gloves have been engineered carefully to bear extreme impact in case of a high-speed accident. They feature a sliding mechanism which helps you to slide smoothly over asphalt without losing the skin of your palms. The special gel inside these gloves provides the rider with exceptional comfort on long rides although they require a little getting used to. The Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves are available online for $270.





racing suit

Rev’It Akira One Piece Racing Suit:

The most important piece of protection for any rider is their racing suit. While the importance of shoes, gloves and helmet cannot be neglected, it is the suit which helps the rider slide over the hard surface and reduce their speed in case of an accident. This suit takes the safety of riders very seriously and provides them with advanced safety measures which have been tested and approved. This suit has been designed by taking the concepts of Moto GP racing suits and it features a similar level of protection. Fitted with comp protectors for elbows, shoulders and knees, these suits also have ample amounts of sturdy Kevlar beneath their sleek fit. It Comes with a removable liner for easy cleaning and maintenance. The suit also features semi-perforated shell and advanced design at the back, this suit provides good airflow to the rider for comfortable riding over long distances. The latest technology of these suits helps in reducing the impact considerably and allow for a much-controlled slide. Costing $1300 a piece, these suits are available exclusively at Akira’s website.




Useful Motorbike accessories

Go Pro- Useful Motorbike accessory

GoPro Hero4 one of the must have Motorbike accessories 

The name GoPro is known to every outdoor enthusiast and the Hero4 camera maintains the legacy of this brand. This camera can be neatly mounted on your helmet or at any part of the bike. It is capable of producing high-quality 1080p videos at 60 frames-per-second (fps) and 720p at 120 fps through its 12 megapixel camera. The built-in touch display proves to be of great assistance while editing or viewing the videos and photos. This camera is waterproof up to 40 meters so you can record non-stop even in heavy rains. The GoPro Hero4 is available in various stores online and can also be found easily at any supermarket. The camera alone costs around $350 whereas it comes with the entire kit is priced at around $500.




blutooth headset

Riders Need Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset and Intercom:

If you plan on riding with friends then signalling them through hands can become tiresome after a while. A Bluetooth headset and intercom allows you to talk to your friends even if they are riding a kilometre away from you. Other than that you can also use these headphones to listen to songs, radio or connect wirelessly with your phone while riding. The Sena’s SMH 10 is a great option for people, it costs around $150 and is great to use owing to its small size and amazing build quality. The headset has a lasting battery of 12 hours and is quite easy to operate while riding.




motorbike repair kit

Mechanic Repairing Motorbike Using latest Motorbike Accessories

Bikemaster Tire and Tube repair kit:

A flat tire on a long trip can really put you in a dangerous place if you are not prepared for it. While bikers do not have the option of carrying a spare, they can now easily repair their tire and tube in case of an emergency. This kit from Bikemaster comes loaded with all hand tools you may require and can be used for repairing tubeless tires also. The patching kit seals the leakage thoroughly and 4 CO2 canisters are also included within the kit for inflating the tire afterward. This  is one of the most must have motorbike accessories a rider should have.





Motorbike Tail Bag

Motorbike Tail Bag

Tail Bag:

For safely keeping your tire and tube repair kit or the camera the best option is to have a tail bag which can be easily strapped at the rear end of the bike. This bag does not hinder with riding and can be used to carry mobile phone and other motorbike accessories when not in use. Although a larger bag is recommended for touring purposes, a small bag can do the job for everyday use. Tail bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Usually they are waterproof and shockproof while many may even feature an in-built battery for charging your mobile or even a Bluetooth speaker. These bags can range in their price from $10 to $100 depending on the features they offer to the user.

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