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1. About Information, We collect.
2. Marketing.
3. How we protect our Visiters.
4. How You Can Contact us about privacy policies.




About Information We Collect 
We collect information from the brand owners and some trusted leading third party sites. We provide you a genuine information about almost all motorbike. We also check the each and every bike information we provide by manually and with a test drive.


We never provide any users personal information to third parties for their marketing purpose. We combine information from you and companies to combine and personalize our site content and advertising




How we Protect our visitors
We are always loyal to our visiters, who gave their support to our site. we never share any personal information of any visitor to others. We keep every visitor secure and safe. We are never joined with harmful issues.


How you can contact us about privacy Policies :For any questions, Doubts, queries please contact us at