Review of the Aprilia Caponord 1200 Travel Pack

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RJParker Aprilia is hardly a newcomer to the motorcycling industry, so it should come as no surprise that their recent Caponord 1200 Travel Pack model lives up to, if not exceeds their proud history.




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Exciting Features:

Ride-by-Wire: This is a multi-tap throttle technology that prevents jerkiness in the acceleration as experienced by the rider by eliminating the physical connection between the throttle and the bike’s engine. This becomes an electronic, computerized link instead and results in a more evolved drive quality than the Caponord’s earlier predecessors.





eletronic system

Highly Advanced Electronics System: The electrical systems on Aprilia bikes has notoriously always been top notch. At the price point of the Caponord 1200, the electronics on board make the bike a bit of a technological marvel simply in this sophistication alone.




six speed transmission

Six-Speed Smooth-Shift Transmission: The bike’s capabilities from a power perspective get mated into something way more highway friendly with the addition of this advanced six-speed transmission on this bike. For long trips, highway gear shifting becomes a real joy for riders.




The Pros:

What fans of the Travel Pack attest to it is “jack-of-all-trades” quality to it is design and build. A comfortable fit for a driver and passenger to share for medium-to-long journies, the bike is not massive or gas-thirsty — however, it does not lag in the power or sportiness departments either.
A brainchild of Miguel Galluzzi from a design standpoint, this bike is not going to turn as many heads as the Ducati Monster that Galluzzi had previously designed, but it will certainly avoid offending the eyes of on-lookers as it carefully escorts a rider and a passenger on long, rather safe and comfortable motorcycle voyages.




The Cons:

‘Due to the bike’s adventure-touring classification, it is not going to win any drag races or curb-appeal contests. Riders and owners will have to relish it is spotlight as the frugal man’s traveling bike choice while accepting the compromises that come along with the title. With 125 HP to the wheels out of a nearly 1197 cc engine, the Travel Pack has much weight and power, that gets lost through all of its engineering and electrical refinements. The main type of rider that this bike could potentially offend would be the rider more concerned with looks, speed, and performance and doesn’t plan on taking too many long trips.
The Caponord was always intended to be a Sport-Touring Hybrid or Crossover and if that is what you are in the market for, this could very well be your bike. If you need something with more flair and power off the line, the money required for this bike can easily serve any set of parameters rather well — so don’t rush into a choice on the Aprilia, when the real power-pumping monster of a hog is still deftly evading your sight.



Aprilia’s Caponord 1200 makes and excellent travel companion, as evidenced by its appropriate name, the Travel Pack. While the designs may not rival a new Kawasaki Ninja or Ducati superbike, the craftsmanship of the Caponord 1200’s designer, Miguel Galluzzi is nothing to sneeze at either. Friends, family, and fellow riders will have to take notice of the sharp lines and highly-tailored maneuverability of your new bike, should the Travel Pack become your choice.

Mark Sanchez