Here’s what Real motorbike contains.

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The bike is a real sporty motorcycle for real young budding bikers who prefer the real emotions of a motorbike. It gives the young and the adventurous rider a real knowledge of the cycle mechanics and the pleasure to the visual world in the social networks, therefore, it is the first real motorcycle drawing inspiration from its bigger brothers that are used for sports purposes.

real motorbike

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The motorcycle contains a 49.9 cc, single cylinder and a two-stroke engine. The two stroke and single cylinder engine are connected to a six-speed transmission with a top speed of up to 60 mph (Est.) hence making it fast on the track and is housed by a lightweight frame using die-cast beams in aluminum alloy hence making it light. It also has a cross ribbing reinforcement. The bike contains a frame that sits on a 41 mm upside sown fork with up to 110 mm wheel travel. The rear end also contains asymmetric swing arm that is paired with a hydraulic mono-shock absorber with up to 112 mm wheel travel.

Regarding the appearances of the model, it is a race replica in 50cc as its bigger look like bikes in both shape and liveliness. It has a sport like an appearance regarding the racing graphics, the exposed frame, the art on the LED tail light and the triple headlights. The exhaust system is another distinguishing feature that is racing inspired and integrated into the lower part of the fairing. All this specifications gives the bike the amazing sports bike look due to its imitation of the bigger sports bikes.

safety first


The bike contains a multi-function dashboard with analogue rev counter and digital LCD screen for all the other information pertaining the bikes engine. The information contained in the LCD screen includes the speedometer and information on its small 50cc engine. Regarding the safety, the bike contains a capable braking system comprising of front 300 mm discs that are grabbed by four-piston radial mount calipers. The rear contains 220 mm discs paired with single piston calipers. This provides the bike with a quick braking response hence ensuring the safety of the rider and even in the case of a passenger carried.


The bike contains a refined passenger seat that can accommodate another young person and can be transformed from a two-seater to a single seater.This transformation of the seat is done by removal of screws via a quick release and attachment button allowing the back passenger seat to be replaced by a tail cover in seconds. The tail cover is available as an accessory. Also, the storage compartment is available under the saddle.

For the adventurous riders who are young and are in love with the speed, the bike offers them the opportunity to experience the real super sports motorbike. The appearances that give it a sports bike look, to the small but generous 50cc engine and the six transmission speed connected to the engine gives it a real sports racing experience.

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