Top 7 Aprilia Shiver Accessories That You Must Get

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Aprilia Shiver is the best motorcycles globally. The model was first introduced into the market in the year 2007. Its uniqueness has brought a challenging competition to other motorcycle models. Due to refined mechanics, latest technology, and top chassis, Aprilia Shiver 750 motorcycles have been successfully manufactured and presents a great superiority. It is light, medium-sized, powerful and has a 90 degrees V-double engine that are produced completely.You will get remaining information by ready Aprilia Shiver accessories which are mentioned below

Aprilia Shiver Accessories

Aprilia Shiver Accessories:

Additionally, it contains DOHC, ride-by-wire technology necessary for electronic control of the throttle bodies and cooling liquid. Aprilia Shiver weighs 417lbs and puts out 95hp. It has great strength and therefore you can comfortably ride in racetracks and mountains without encountering any break downs.

Aprilia Shiver 750 motorcycles come with all accessories and parts. Here are some of the Aprilia Shiver Accessories; Tank lock mount, Detailing tape, Organic Rear Brake Pads, Trugel Battery, Dual Purpose Swingarm Spool Sliders, Oil filter, Rear Hugger, Racing Windscreen, GP Style Evo II Slip-on Exhaust and Anti- vibration Bar Ends.

givi tank lock


New Tank Lock Mount accessory is just a system which promotes the removals of all kinds of straps or magnetic limpets initially used for fastening the bag to the bike. The small ring which is installed on the top of the tank, combined with the special structure of the bag’s base, now enables the bag to be attached easily by aligning it to the ring and pressing slowly until you hear classic “click” sound. Also, the bag is easy to remove, you just need to pull the red lever that is located in the base.

The accessory comes with all hardware included and easy to install bag. However, the accessories cannot fit some of the models like 2009 GS1200 Adventure.

pro grip detailing tape


Need to stand out with your Aprilia Shiver 750? Then this Pro Grip Detailing Tape does the trick very easily and quickly. This accessory fits all sizes of the rims and works together with the color changer. Fluorescent tape helps rims wheels to stand out in the crowd. The accessory also comes with an applicator, and it is enough to cover both sides of the wheel.

Also, the Pro Grip Detailing Tape helps people inside the cars see you easily during the night, improving your nighttime visibility. Its durability is excellent, and it can be used for about six years without ripping off. However, if the edges of your rims are narrow, it can be quite hard to apply or install the Detailing tape especially to the model FZ09. The pricing of this accessory is $ 13.99; it is cheap and affordable. You are safe $ 1.50 (10%). Go for it and stand out with your bike.

Aprilia Shiver Accessories

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This Aprilia Shiver Accessories has been renamed NAO series or Non-Asbestos Organic. NAO series are fascinating all rounded value-for-money spares for all level of motorcycles and are very popular with many riders who favor the “feel” of organic pads. They are fully TUV tested and KBA certified and obey the new ECE R90 brake rules.

EBC is leading in this technology and will be the first in the market to offer Reg. 90 accepted pads and packaging. EBC organic pads have enlargement groove that reduces noise and prevents cracking. Also the aramid fiber compound containing non-ferrous elements assist in getting rid of surface scorching. It is of high quality and comes with different colors.

It is very easy to install in all motorcycle models like Honda CBR 1000F. The fitting is very perfect and works excellently. However, the only problem is the smell of clutch burning produce when applied. The pricing ranges from $21.85- $35.99. Initially, it ranged from $23.00- $37.00. Therefore, you save up to $1.50 (3$)

fuel controller


An engine power depends on how well the fuel or air mixture is ignited in the cylinder. Air to fuel ratio is controlled by the engine control unit (ECU). This bazar fuel controller accessory pigg back into engine controller unit, intercepting the signal sent to the fuel injectors and fluctuating it.

The precise information or data of these changes are kept in z-fuel controller in the form of map. It makes it easy to view and adjust fuel maps quickly. It also loads and save fuel maps which are downloaded, created on a dyno or made with fuel self-mapper. Also it switches fuel maps on the fly with the handlebar-mounted Bazzaz Z-fi fuel map.

Motorcycles with any further modifications like exhaust and high-flow filters must have fuel tuned to allow the change in air to fuel ratio (AFR). It has high quality and therefore last for long period of time. Initially the price was $800 but now it is $ 731


This Aprilia Shiver Accessories offers a stabilized enrichment of fuel and air mixture in different environmental temperatures. It uses temperature sensor that work in collaboration with initial air intake temperature sensor. It also exhibit soft throttle response when you are rolling throttle on-off, stronger and more reliable idle. Its price has reduced from $169 to $ 152. Therefore, you can easily afford to purchase for your bike.


The battery has a longer storage life in the bike. It resists vibrations and impacts that can damage regular acid batteries. Trugel battery allows for stronger starting in big range of temperatures and it will not leak even if the case cracks. It is very durable and reliable. The pricing ranges from $25.99 – $164


The HiFloFiltro Oil Filter has high quality and is certified by TUV and ISO certifications. It fits to your bike perfectly and easily. The pricing ranges from $3.29- $ 8.99.

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